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What is a Doula and how could a Doula help me?

A Doula is a well trained professional, experienced and well educated in pregnancy, childbirth and the immediate postpartum period. All over the world women for centuries have birthed with other women in the room to support and encourage them during this life altering experience.

Blessings, Births and Beyond

“We look forward to creating an empowering and memorable birth experience with you. I am available for a consult at no cost to you and your partner to further discuss any questions you might have regarding doula service



  • Postpartum Care

    • Overnight Postpartum Care;
    • Newborn care and education;
  • Long-term,

    • On Call Backup Services
  • Child Birth Classes

    • (weekly or in-home private)
  • Waterbirth;

    • Placenta Encapsulation

Amber Campbell

Certified Doula

Amber Campbell is a wife, mother of 3, doula, social advocate, Lover of holistic living, Vegetarian Chef, and Childbirth Educator She has had a driving passion for the field of childbirth and pregnancy since she first became pregnant 15 years ago w/ her daughter. Finishing college at Portland State University in 1999 with an International Studies degree, she immediately chose the path of motherhood over beginning her professional career. This is where she experienced her first encounter with birth and all aspects of unplanned events surrounding the process. Amber has always been drawn to to fighting for social causes, especially when women and birth were involved. The year that Amber gave birth to her last child, she was fighting a cause of her own. She was torn between working in a profession of Social work that wasn’ t fulfilling her emotionally or mentally after 10 years and being home w/ her new baby, enjoying that precious time that having a newborn brings. After several months of juggling new motherhood and her professional career Amber realized that her main purpose was to be w/ her children while being able to manifest her love for other mothers in need of support.

Amber started to attend mommy and me groups and became very involved in her community, sharing her positive birth experiences, connecting w/ other new moms, attending breastfeeding support groups, learning about what moms need and want and providing them with well needed resources. It was important to share w/ others her recent experience regarding the ongoing struggle of women balancing their profession and raising their children. Introduced to her, through a local infant stimulation and development group she was attending, she had the opportunity to attend a doula course that would train her professionally and seek out a new field that she had long been passionate about. It has allowed her to work w/ women during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum period w/ their new babies. She has prepared many years for this opportunity and the enthusiasm and genuine love she brings is unquestionable but it was what the community needed as well. The sacred space that her clients have allowed her to enter during a very vulnerable, yet powerful moment of their lives, she is eternally grateful for. She will continue to encourage mothers to take back their power in birth and create amazing and positive memories of this beautiful transition into motherhood.

Happy parents


  • My experience with Amber Campbell was amazing. She was the support & comfort I didn’t have Although she had to travel almost two hours to get to me she was there when I needed her.



  • AMAZING !!!! That’s how I would describe my experience with Mrs. Amber. From the moment I met Amber she inspired me trust and confidence in her. She informed me in so many different ways about giving birth that it made me feel comfortable and at ease.



  • From the initial consultation, my fiance and I knew Amber would be the best person to choose as our Doula. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about helping mothers through their birth experiences. I appreciated the fact that she was accessible and quickly responded to any questions or concerns that I had.



  • “My experience with Amber Campbell was and continues to be very pleasant. She’s very helpful and very informational. It was an instant connection, which became a friendship.



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